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Golf is a precision club and ball sport in which all the players try to hit the ball into the hole on the ground with the least number of strokes. It does not have a standardized playing area and hence termed as the sport for kings.
You can play this game on golf courses consisting of 18 holes with every golf course having a unique design. So, we can define Golf as, “Hitting a ball with a club from the teeing ground into the hole with a stroke or successive strokes in accordance with the
We have a set of equipments required to play this game like: golf clubs, Golf shafts and Golf club grips. These equipments are important, because without them you cannot play this sport. Golf club heads are available in 3 different types of materials:
After selecting the type of club, you will require golf shafts. Shafts are the tapered tubes made up of metal or carbon fiber composite. The diameter of shaft is roughly 0.5 inches and the length varies from 34 to 48 inches. Depending upon the material used, the weight of shaft varies from 45 to 150 grams.
Another equipment, which is very important, for golfers is golf club grips. It is used to comfort them while hitting the shot. There are a set of rules in the game for the use of grip. You need to select the grip as per the norms and conditions of the game.
We also have many advanced technology grips available in market with more comfort for the golfer. These advancements in grips have resulted in more durable grips; however, it is also said that grips do eventually dry out and needs to be replaced at a point of time.

While playing Golf, your hands should work together as a single unit so that you strike the ball well. A grip over the shafts plays a very important role here to help you strike the ball. A Golfer maintains contact with the club with the help of a grip. Please remember that gripping the club too tight can cause thin, weak shots. A lighter grip develops wrist turning point, which is an important power source in the swing and results in a better shot. This light pressure also increases the amount of clubface rotation, thus improving your chance of squaring the club on impact.
You can control the club with the help of the grip without tightening your hands. Various grips tend to wear out, become firm and lose their look and traction over a period of time. At this point of time your golf grips should be replaced. You can replace your golf grips after every 6 months if you are a regular golfer.
There are many types of new and advanced grips available in the market. Winn grips are the examples of latest technology available in Golf grips. Since you can use custom Golf clubs; you can also use Golf grips to make your game better. You can choose your Winn grip according to the firmness you require. They are available in 3 different types; soft, medium and firm.
As mentioned previously, you can use custom golf clubs, golf club shafts and combine them with Golf grips to make your own set of equipments. This customized combination is required to play the game as per your convenience and use the equipment that fits your budget. You can use various combinations and make your own set of equipments.


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