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While playing Golf, your hands should work together as a single unit so that you strike the ball well. A grip over the shafts plays a very important role here to help you strike the ball. A Golfer maintains contact with the club with the help of a grip. Please remember that gripping the club too tight can cause thin, weak shots. A lighter grip develops wrist turning point, which is an important power source in the swing and results in a better shot. This light pressure also increases the amount of clubface rotation, thus improving your chance of squaring the club on impact.
You can control the club with the help of the grip without tightening your hands. Various grips tend to wear out, become firm and lose their look and traction over a period of time. At this point of time your golf grips should be replaced. You can replace your golf grips after every 6 months if you are a regular golfer.
There are many types of new and advanced grips available in the market. Winn grips are the examples of latest technology available in Golf grips. Since you can use custom Golf clubs; you can also use Golf grips to make your game better. You can choose your Winn grip according to the firmness you require. They are available in 3 different types; soft, medium and firm.
As mentioned previously, you can use custom golf clubs, golf club shafts and combine them with Golf grips to make your own set of equipments. This customized combination is required to play the game as per your convenience and use the equipment that fits your budget. You can use various combinations and make your own set of equipments.

True Temper Sports is a sports equipment manufacturing company based in Memphis, Tennessee, United States. The company specializes in OEM and consumer golf club shafts, and also manufactures bicycle forks, ice hockey sticks, lacross sticks, baseball bats and other steel and carbon fiber products.

True Temper’s manufactures shafts for many of the major golf club manufacturers including Adams, Bridgestone, Callaway, Cleveland, Cobra, Mizuno, Nike, Ping, TaylorMade, Titleist and Wilson. Production of golf steel shafts takes place in the United States in True Temper’s steel manufacturing facility in Amory, Mississippi. The company’s golf graphite shafts are designed and engineered at the Grafalloy headquarters in San Diego, California. True Temper also has a graphite manufacturing facility in Suzhou, China.

History of True Temper:

In the late 1800′s True Temper began with the combination of several independently owned forging companies with loosely related product lines. In 1902 this combination of businesses was formally organized as the American Fork and Hoe Company in Ohio.

In 1930 the Royal and Ancient Order of Saint Andrews, the golf decision making body in Scotland, made the steel shaft legal for tournament play. Shortly thereafter, predecessors of the Company began marketing steel golf shafts under the True Temper brand name. In 1939 a predecessor of the Company completed an initial public offering.

In 1967 True Temper merged into Allegheny Ludlum. In 1978 Allegheny Ludlum sold True Temper to Wilkinson Sword in exchange for a 45% interest in Wilkinson Sword. Two years later Allegheny International acquired the remainder of Wilkinson Sword, bringing True Temper back to Allegheny ownership. In 1985 Allegheny sold True Temper to Emhart Corporation, which was subsequently acquired by Black & Decker in April 1989. The company was then sold to independent investors in 1998 and has been a “stand alone” company since that time. In 2006 True Temper acquired Royal Precision company and Rifle and Project X brands. In 2008 True Temper achieved an annual sales volume of US$123 million.

Technical Innovations:

In 1980 the Dynamic Gold product line is introduced.

In 1986 True Temper opens a facility in Olive Branch, Mississippi to begin production of composite golf shafts.

In 1991 The Dynamic brand name celebrates its 50th anniversary in the golf industry and on the PGA Tour.

In 1996 Vibration dampening Sensicore Steel introduced.

In 2001 BiMatrx technology introduced.

In 2002 Introduction of TX-90 – the lightest steel shaft in the world!

In 2005 Introduction of Dynamic Gold SuperLight.

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